Restoring the Ecological Balance

    After 200 years of intensive agricultural practices during the plantation era, which almost totally cleared the native woodland, a natural balance is returning to Fregate Island. Our sizable nursery started these efforts 30 years ago, by regrowing rare and almost extinct species.


    Our conservation efforts have slowly but surely restored the native flora of the island. Many indigenous species have been planted across the island, including the mighty Takamaka tree – a national icon – and the rare and beautifully scented Wrights Gardenia, as well as the Indian Mulberry, which the Giant Tortoise love to feed on.


    With its regained ecological foothold and splendour, we want to share the wealth of our flora with you. We offer a wide range of fact-finding activities for you to really understand the island’s natural history first-hand and see the results of our comprehensive rehabilitation and conservation project.