The Magpie Robin - A conservation Success Story

    Fregate Island was the only remaining habitat of the "Seychelles Magpie Robin". Almost extinct with a headcount of only fourteen, it was the second-rarest bird in the world some 30 years ago. These charming, charismatic birds have since been restored to a healthy population by our permanent on-island conservation staff. Thanks to a program started in collaboration with “Birdlife International”, they now number more than 100.


    One part of this success was the huge effort we made to keep the island and plantations free of any form of pesticides, rats and rodents, ensuring that the birds can breed safely on the ground. Further, we are continuously restoring the habitat to its former state – prior to being used as a coconut plantation for over hundreds of years – by planting countless indigenous trees and bushes. We also helped establish healthy and stable populations on four other Seychelles islands.


    With all of these efforts in place, we can proudly state that we have saved this beautiful species from extinction, a true success story.