Fregate Exclusive

Exclusive Island Rental
A Paradise to Yourself

If you want a truly private experience, Fregate Island insures you have 720 acres to call your own hideaway, with offering you the unforgettable opportunity to book the entire island to yourself. Put together your very own exclusive guest list, your closest friends, have it only for you and your family or plan the most magical event to share the island’s beauty and delights. Our team of live-in staff is here to ensure that every conceivable desire is fulfilled to the utmost perfection.

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We welcome all kinds of travelers, near and far, in search of new inspiration to this peerless sanctuary. Fregate Island Private represents the most beautiful tropical paradise, amid its purest natural environment and harmless exquisite wildlife. As such we provide the most idyllic playground to nonstop inspire, amaze and enthuse your little ones as well as your teenagers. With more than 3.500 free-roaming Aldabra giant tortoises and 7 unspoiled beachs, every moment will have the thrill of discovery and the feeling of being a castaway. Our terrifically engaging conservation team will ensure that the whole family will explore
and understandthe wondrous beauty of this jewel of sustainability and conservation.

A glittering natural gem, set like a solitaire amidst the silvery expanse of the Indian Ocean, Fregate Island Private is the ultimate paradise setting for any celebration you can think of. Have tropical birthday party underneath the spectacular nightskies of the southern hemisphere, while sipping some champagne on your favourite beach, with a bonfire and surrounded by your most loved ones. Long nights at the Plantation House, with local musicians and dancers, that bring the rythm of Seychelles and make you joyfully laugh and dance all night.

Couples seeking an unforgettable wedding day have found a heaven of intimacy and tranquility. Fregate Island Private offers seven dream beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant tropical flora and fauna, inviting comparison with that paragon of romantic idylls, the Garden of Eden.
Whatever is desired, we will make it happen, with a light touch of elegance, some sparkle, easy luxury, the greatest team and lots of love!

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