Introducing the “Wheel of Corals” at Fregate Island


At Fregate Island, our commitment to coral reef restoration is unwavering. Once the project on the Mineral Accretion Technology efficiency concluded, together with the Coralive team, we immediately began brainstorming ways to make our coral restoration efforts more self-sustaining. This led to the birth of our new initiative, named the “Wheel of Corals.”

Relocating and Expanding

Together with the Coralive team, we relocated 30 metal structures with overgrown corals to a different area near Fregate Island where the reef urgently needs restoration. In their place, we installed 120 new structures in the old nursery site, creating a continuous cycle of growth and relocation—hence the name “Wheel of Corals.” The concept behind this name is straightforward yet powerful: once the corals on the structures grow big and strong, they will be relocated to another area, and new structures will be placed for planting new coral fragments.

Setting Up the Nursery

After positioning the metal tables, the next step was to connect them to an electrical source, essential for the Mineral Accretion Technology to work. This technology uses a low voltage current to stimulate the growth of corals.

Planting Coral Fragments

With the tables in place and connected, it was time to start planting coral fragments. Our plan involved placing 16 fragments of the same species per table. We collected fragments of 3 different species, primarily focusing on hard branching corals that thrive best in this area. Additionally, we are interested in increasing the diversity of our nursery by planting more resilient coral species observed to withstand coral bleaching. However, these corals require time to recover from bleaching stress before being planted.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Once the coral fragments are secured on the structures, our role transitions to monitoring and maintenance. Regular checks are essential to ensure the growth and health of the corals, including algae removal and ensuring the stability of the structures. These ongoing efforts are crucial to the success of the project and the broader goal of reef restoration.

Our Commitment to the Ocean

The “Wheel of Corals” represents a small but significant step in our broader mission to preserve and restore the ocean’s health. By continuously growing, relocating, and replanting corals, we aim to create a sustainable cycle that will contribute to the resilience and recovery of coral reefs around Fregate Island.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to monitor and nurture our growing coral nursery. These are our small but significant actions in preserving the ocean and ensuring a vibrant marine ecosystem for future generations.