The Seychelles Magpie Robin census was conducted from July until the 20th of August and our team has been busy counting birds around the island, across 43 territories.

The census in numbers:

  • 213 individuals are confirmed to be resident on Fregate Island
  • a total of 67 birds known that are not yet ringed
  • the oldest bird recorded is at least 10 years old

SMR nest boxes are systematically placed around the island, the conservation team is checking on these boxes every 2 weeks to look for nesting material, eggs and chicks.

  • 16 new chicks have been ringed until 20th August 2021

The Seychelles Magpie Robin is a very territorial species, so you often find 3-4 individuals in a family that will occupy one territory. The largest population of SMR is in territory 22, which has a total of 16 birds!

Once a territory becomes overcrowded, some birds will find a new suitable area. The furthest movements of a bird that we recorded were:

  • 1390 meters: The individual was ringed in territory 28 and travelled to territory 20.
  • 627.5 meters: The individual was ringed in territory 36 and travelled to territory 23.