The Seychelles Magpie Robin Census Results…


Here are the long awaited results of the 2022 Seychelles Magpie Robin Census: This year, we have discovered 7 new magpie territories, which is fantastic. This means that the birds are discovering new areas on the island where they feel comfortable nesting.
We have 123 confirmed Magpie individuals identified and also 78 possible identifications of unringed individuals bringing the possible number of individual Seychelles Magpie Robins to 201. Although the census is coming to an end, we will continue monitoring the population.

Saddiqua is sharing her experience on the census: “Currently, our team is doing the yearly Seychelles Magpie Robin census. The Magpies are quite fascinating birds, they are very smart and curious, but can be also quite cheeky at times. So far, we have identified most of the birds from last year but also new unringed birds which we cannot wait to give identities to.
These vocal birds have been very busy since the last census, from increasing their population to crossing territories. Therefore, the census has been going well so far. I enjoy whistling for the birds and taking pictures of them, although sometimes, they have a tendency of retracting their foot which makes it difficult for us to read their rings.
I particularly love it when the birds are whistling back and watching them daily is a privilege for me. The census here on Fregate Island is very different to the ones I used to do at my previous work place, but I believe this is because of a much bigger population here.”