Mosquito Research for Future Happy Guests on Fregate Island


We are excited to share some fascinating research happening on the island that promises to make your future stay even more pleasant.

Meet Rahul Krishnan, a dedicated researcher from Singapore, currently living in Stockholm. With a Master’s degree in Medical Science, specializing in vector-borne diseases, Rahul works with Molecular Attraction, a biotech company focused on innovative ways to manage pests like mosquitoes.

Fregate Island is home to diverse wildlife. However, like many tropical places, we also have Aedes mosquitoes, which, while disease-free here, can be pesky with their itchy bites.

Rahul’s project aims to reduce the mosquito population on Fregate using mosquito pheromones, natural chemical signals that can change mosquito behavior. Over the coming months, Rahul will be placing two types of mosquito traps around the island to study and manage their populations.

This method is a safer, more effective alternative to traditional pesticides, which can harm beneficial insects and lead to resistance. Alongside Aedes, Rahul has also identified Culex mosquitoes, which are active at night, and will be monitoring their numbers as well.

This research is crucial as it paves the way for safer mosquito control and contributes to the global effort in managing insect-borne diseases. We are thrilled to support Rahul and Molecular Attraction in their innovative work.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project and how it will enhance your experience on Fregate Island!