Exploring Island Ecosystem: Island Life Project’s Journey on Fregate Island


Island Life Project’s Journey on Fregate Island

Island Life Project recently embarked on its third trip to Fregate Island to study the determinants of island ecological complexity amidst global environmental change.

Their mission? To predict how this change affects networks of interacting species, essential for developing strategies to combat the biodiversity crisis.

Research Scope

This project spans five archipelagos: Galapagos, Balearics, Canary Islands, Svalbard, and two islands in the Seychelles, Aride, which is less disturbed by human activity, and Fregate Island, which is more affected by human activity.

Fieldwork Insights

From observing pollinators to capturing tiny insects and collecting feces from various species, the team leaves no stone unturned in their quest to understand ecosystem resilience. The Island Life team is striving to understand the biodiversity islands host, how diversity is structured and responding to environmental pressure, and how vulnerable they are to ecosystem collapse in the face of increasing threats from human activities.

Collaboration Benefits

For the conservation team at Fregate Island, this collaboration provides a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of island biodiversity and learn different monitoring and data collection techniques. Fregate Island’s conservation team is grateful to the Island Life team for sharing their knowledge, and we eagerly await the results of their project.