“I love the island, every part of it.”


Anna Zora is the Conservation and Sustainability Manager on Fregate Island, who makes sure that the world of science and nature protection continually evolves on the island. She is also the mastermind behind all our sustainable efforts.

As an Italian who grew up in Switzerland, she pursued studies in Biology and Ecology before delving into her passion for the ocean through Marine Biology. With determination, she embarked on an incredible journey, leading her to Madagascar, Seychelles, and finally, to the heart of conservation on Fregate Island.  

“My family moved a lot. We didn’t live for long in the same house, so my 3 sisters and I got used to changes in our lives, friends, environment and schools. As soon as I finished my studies, I volunteered for an NGO researching cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea on board of a sailing boat. At the same time, I was looking for job opportunities. One day I got offered a job and it was a position as Marine Biologist on a small island lodge in Madagascar. Well, that was the dream of any Biologist – Madagascar!

I only started with a three-month contract and when I asked my mum for her thoughts, I still remember her words: ‘Anna, it is only 3 months. Worst case you would have improved your French, best case, it will open more opportunities.’ And off I went. Those 3 months turned into 16 years away from Europe, taking me through Maldives, Seychelles, Vietnam, sailing and eventually back to Seychelles, to Fregate Island.”

Initially considering studying Medicine, Anna soon realized her true fascination with the natural world. To keep her options open, she enrolled in Biology at the University of Bologna, where her passion for nature grew exponentially. Curiosity and determination led her to embrace the path of a biologist, desiring to explore the savannahs, the bush, and the depths of the sea.

During the first two years the university lessons and exams were the same as for Medicine. That allowed me to be sure of my choice. I became so fascinated by the world of nature that I couldn’t stop thinking and asking myself questions about things, animals and plants. How could everything work so perfectly?”

Anna firmly believes that nature conservation and hospitality go hand in hand. As the Conservation and Sustainability Manager on Fregate Island, she has witnessed how hospitality plays a vital role in educating and connecting people with nature. By immersing guests in the island’s natural wonders, they become advocates for conservation efforts.

Hospitality becomes an educational tool at the service of nature. At the same time, it brings funds in different ways. Through my passion and enthusiasm for nature, I was lucky to touch the hearts of many people, and this is one my most significant accomplishments as a conservationist.  Over the years I have come to realize how hospitality can work in harmony with conservation and not against it.” 

In Anna’s view, conservation work in Seychelles stands apart from other places. She says that it holds so much potential and possibilities available to young people.

“You have to be ready to sacrifice other things that are part of a ‘normal’ life. The opportunity that Seychelles offers to connect the tourism industry with nature conservation is unique.”

Indeed, Anna has carried valuable lessons from the hospitality field into conservation work. Her experience in hospitality has taught her patience, a deep understanding of people’s needs, keen attention to detail, and the flexibility to adapt to various tasks.

“All these qualities are invaluable in the work of a conservationist or a biologist.”

What Anna loves the most about her work on Fregate Island is the opportunity to engage in various projects and consistently introduce new initiatives. Each day brings fresh challenges and exciting discoveries, keeping her passion for nature thriving. Working closely with young students and sharing her knowledge with them brings her immense joy.

“I love the island, every part of it. It is not always easy but passion for nature is the driving force behind my career.”

With experience gained from her own journey, Anna has valuable advice for future biologists and conservationists. She encourages them to seize the opportunities life presents, as they may come once in a lifetime.

“Remember that being a biologist or a conservationist includes hard work with long hours, both physically and mentally demanding. Let passion for nature and appreciation for life be your strengths. I often think to myself how lucky I am…”